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EDS3900C Precious Metal Analyzer

Ambient Temperature: -5 ° C ~ 38 ° C (Suggested that in air conditioning room) Relative Humidity: 15% ~ 70% Power Requirements: AC 220V ± 10V, or AC 110V ± 10V, 50/ 60 Hz


EDS5800 Precious Metal Analyzer

Measuring Element: Au Ag Pt Pd Cu Ni Zn Rh Cd Ru Fe Co Ir W Os Pb (16 elements ) Analysis Software: Qualitative and quantitative analysis software External Dimensions: 410 * 390 * 280 (mm)


EDS7700 Precious Metal Analyzer

X Fluorescence Spectrometer High-energy X-ray stimulates atomic electron shell,the extranuclear electron of atoms will jump and secondary X-ray energy releases. Because the energy that different element releases possesses different characteristic. Detection system can measure the energy and quantity to calculate the elements content.


EDS7700T Precious Metal Analyzer

Ambient Temperature -5 ° C ~ 40 ° C (Suggested that in air conditioning room) Relative Humidity 15% ~ 90% Power Requirements AC 220V ± 5V, 50/ 60 Hz

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